Something one loves to do should never feel like work. Whether it be the private-practice of my father or my mother juggling three kids while owning a restaurant, I learned one valuable lesson; love what you do and never work a day in your life. Early on, I developed this vital work-ethic and retained the intrinsic values hard work provides. This habit of working with passion for the things I hold dearly has created a lifestyle of addiction. An addiction of observing, listening, and understanding fresh concepts being soaked up with each new experience. 

The rhythmic pattern of the beating heart has been established since the creation of life, it is what moves us along in this world of motion. Music, globally, evokes emotions and ideas that we all share, which is what drives my passion to work in the most important industry we have. 


Atlantic Records // A&R Intern

  • Attended several live shows each week as A&R scout and reported on performances
  • Conducted research and compiled weekly report for A&R representatives and executives
  • Administrative responsibilities included event planning, travel arrangements, department meetings, and expense reports
  • Aided in the development of marketing plans for recording artists 

Stray Soul Ent. LLC // A&R; Marketing Specialist

  • Co-founder of independent record label, Stray Soul Entertainment 
  • Attend live shows each week as A&R scout
  • Build marketing plans and analytics for Stray Soul Ent. artists
  • Manage social media accounts and concert promotion
  • Aggregate seasonal playlists on Spotify 
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Trending Sounds Ent. // Disc-Jockey

  • Worked on evolving an interactive brand that expands and improves the current market, providing endless opportunities to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Broadened my palate to multi-generational demographics to better both myself and the consumers listening 

Management // Shane Weisman

  • Guide the professional career of Columbus, Ohio recording artist, Shane Weisman
  • Retain and gain listeners through a connection of social media accounts
  • Develop unorthodox outlets to share and stream released music
  • Book and schedule live performances in the midwest  
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Independent Work // Production; Recording 

  • Recorded independent Cleveland and Columbus artists
  • Experience with Serato, Maschine, Abelton, and other production and recording softwares
  • Concoct a physical sound that was once unfeasible, using the power of production 

Mad Platinum // PR Consultant; Publicist  

  • Provide meaningful representation to our clients through sincere and personal relationships
  • Identify and research blogs, websites, and other mediums for independent artists to expand their fanbase beyond the horizon